Here are some of our Science-based, Practice-proven, One-of-a-kind Creativity and Innovation Training Programs. We customize based on your desired outcomes,  

and embed your company’s values where practical, too, for maximum results (we’re measuring up to 165% improvements in creativity test performance overnight!)

Innov8tor puts up absolutely the latest and greatest “how- to’s”, based heavily on corporate (not academic) research..Learn More

Pop Think! introduces you to the concept and importance of Business Crea;vity and a deep dive into the Four Core Creative Competencies. Learn More



If you can’t explain the problem, you have no way to find or create a solution. QLab is a Question-based bootcamp which defines the real issues, challenges and opportunities for your business or product.. Learn More

Explosive Marketing Insights and Sales Growth..Learn More


“Design is the ultimate battleground for global competition in the 21 century.” Lee kun-hee, chairman, Samsung group. Learn how AirBNB, Apple, Warby Parker, IDEO, PEPSICO, and other leading New Economy companies put design thinking front and centre for strategic, culture, and product solutions that really resonate…Learn More

DISRUPT-X_LogoYou need totally fresh ‘out of the box’ thinking, and want a completely different set of eyes on your business or products? Disrupt-X Explosive Disruption is a highly interactive bootcamp-style workshop in which your team’s assumptions and thinking (indeed, the whole status quo of your business and industry) is thoroughly challenged…LearnMore

CTI-LogoFailure is not an ‘F’ Word! Fear of Failure paralyzes individuals and organizations from even taking that first important step to exploring change. Because no one wants their fingerprints on an unknown outcome for a product or project … so how do we embrace and harness that to move forward, or to pick up a team once it’s ‘failed’?..Learn More



Product lifecycles have reduced by 400% over the past 50 years. More ideas are needed in all areas of your business in the New Economy. Now! You need techniques to help you Adapt and Anticipate to stay relevant. Learn More

AW_PROBLEM-LogoAt its heart, creativity is really about problem solving and opportunity creation. This powerful module gives you the tools to ensure you are allocating resources to solving the right problem effectively, and have the mindset to explore new challenges and opportunities … we take you from ‘What Is?’ to ‘What If?’..Learn More

Pimp-My-Pivot1Your biggest strategic challenge in the New Economy is the Find the Future. And this is best done by strategic pivoting. Zigging and Zagging to find the best new way forward. Surprising case studies and lessons from Disney, Instagram, Amazon, Toys ‘R Us, Paypal, Japan Railways, Nintendo and IKEA show that they did not always know the answer at first…Learn More


For Strategic Storytelling, Persuasive Presentation Skills and Pitch Coaching services, please see how our sister company CATMATDOG can unleash your team, for more bark and even more bite.