Here are some of our science-based practice-proven one-of-a-kind soft skills training and development training courses and creativity programs for business … CLICK ON EACH PROGRAM TITLE TO SEE QUICK VIDEO OVERVIEW.

We customise based on your desired outcomes, and embed your company’s values where practical, too, for maximum results (we’re measuring up to 165% improvements in creativity test performance overnight!)

Our innovation training and development workshops never stand still — we update and refresh content immediately, not on an annual cycle. For example, if something is received on the research wire tonight, Stu has often built it in to the very next day’s workshop, because it’s important that your people can apply the cutting-edge of the science of psychology and creativity to their learning and development.

NEW! We are successfully delivering ALL of these programs remotely via ZOOM, MS TEAMS, WEBEX etc to keep you learning and growing during this Crisis.


Most of these programs train for the key element of CREATIVE MINDSET in individuals and corporate culture: POP THINK – 4 Building Blocks for Personal Creativity. SIGNATURE CREATIVITY PROGRAM to unleash your potential! UNLEASH THE SKUNKS – Creating Intrapreneurship Culture inside a Big Organization. NEW Entrepreneurship training!!! ON THE SPOT THINKING – Fast & Flexible Improvisational Thinking for Front-liners. Yes there is such a thing as think on your feet training. POPULAR!!! with front line service staff and sales teams. COURAGE TO INNOVATE – Remove the Fear of Failure – and gain a Creative Learning Mindset – in your Company Culture. THE FLOW-JO - welcome to super peak-performance with Flow, proven to offer up to 500% increases in creative productivity (according to McKinset, Sydney Uni, Harvard). NEW! Collaboration: Personal Branding and Creative Thought Leadership Masterclass with Stu and Chris J Reed.


Most of these programs give participants the TOOLSET and SKILLSET to innovate in the workplace: INNOV8TOR – 5 Core Innovation Discovery Skills. Innovation skills training SIGNATURE PROGRAM! VIZ INTEL – Sharpening Your Observation and Empathy Skills. For frontline professionals, researchers, design thinkers. DESIGN THINKING workshop – Customer-centric Innovation skills training. We favour the Stanford d School design thinking process and evangelise their methodology. BIG T THINKING: THINKING DEEP & WIDE to ROCK THE NEW ECONOMY. Trans-disciplinary broadening skills based on Stu’s forthcoming book, the central riff of which is Creativity is an Import-Export exercise, and best solutions are found far from our own domains. PIVOT POWER: Based on Stu's book - 20 Systematic ways to zig and zag to find new opportunities, plus 5 pivot ideation tools. HIRING FOR INNOVATION. A program for CEOs, HRs and Hiring Managers to open their eyes to how creative culture can be fast-tracked with different hiring criteria, and hiring skills and mindsets for the type company you will be in 3-5 years time.


KILLER QUESTIONS: How to shape better questions to create breakthrough solutions. NEW! Powerful critical thinking skills to challenge the status quo. Based on Stu Lloyd’s latest book. NEW! Online Video Training Killer Questions Program CONSTRAINTS CAUSE CREATIVITY – How your Problems, Challenges and Obstacles can be a Springboard to Breakthrough Innovation. 3 THINKING TRAPS – And How to Escape Them. Psych-based problem solving tools to conquer the 3 most dangerous thinking biases and blindspots. Perfect for engineers, architects, R&D, product development and sales/marketing teams. VIZ PERCEPTION & INTELLIGENCE - Frontliners need super-acute visual processing power to make sense of what they see. How to 10x your processing performance.


BEYOND BRAINSTORMING TOOLS – 8 PROVEN MORE POWERFUL WAYS TO CREATE BIGGER IDEAS & SOLUTIONS. All in one ideation workshop and creative ideas training (brainstorm training). Perfect for R&D management training, engineering manager training, and R & D ideas training. DISRUPT-X: Challenging the Status Quo. Explosive Disruptive Thinking Bootcamp with creative thinking skills and perception shifting techniques. This delivers a real kick in the side of the head for those serious about exploring new perspectives, business models, and revenue streams. THINKING INSIDE THE BOX – Value-harvesting and idea selection techniques. Convergent thinking skills and techniques, as developed and used by Gore, Stanford d.School, de Bono, and others.


Creativity can be measured on a number of matrix. To help your innovation skills training and development, we have proprietary tools which can measure Personal Creativity, and Innovation Discovery Skills Strengths (perfect for designing innovation project teams). Work out who are the Dreamers and who are the Doers in your organization and allocate the project work in a more effective manner. Understand and tap into the creative resources which already exist in your teams. Or understand better that you need to Hire for Innovation.

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