The game-changing online training program in questioning, creative thinking, and breakthrough insights.

David Fincher, 

Fellow, AMD

More stimulating than a double shot of cold-brew infused coffee.Full of energy, fresh and bright ideas.

Kapil Kane,

director of innovation, Intel

Really enjoyed Killer Questions. It was like taking a peek into the minds of some of the greatest innovators in history right as they were asking these killer questions that prompted them to create history!

Prof James Reinnoldt,

Uni of Washington

 This has really helped with both my classroom sessions and consulting projects. Good questions stimulate good answers. Well done!


IF YOU DON't define your problem properly, HOW CAN you solve iT?

KILLER QUESTIONS takes you right back to Square One - and gives you a 9-Step Innovation Question Formulation Canvas to work through before you ever get near the flipchart to 'brainstorm' a solution.

Because a great answer to the wrong question has NO commercial value. And you can't afford to waste time nor money in the New Economy.

So business creativity expert Stu Lloyd strips things bare with you, challenging the very core of what you are attempting to do. Helping you expose dangerous blindspots and assumptions that are hidden from you in plain sight right at this moment.

You know that you need to change your way of thinking, or your company's approach to the industry. But you don't know how to jump the rails and take a radically disruptive approach.


Fear not, Killer Questions gives you the 'how to' tools. And Stu guides you through a bunch of kick-ass game-changing examples, such as Dyson, AirBNB, Warby Parker, Kickstarter and tons more. Learn their Killer Questions.




Stu Lloyd with Pete Docter, 8 x Oscar nominated Pixar writer/director


It's one thing to read a book about questioning and challenging skills, but the KILLER QUESTIONS online training program takes you to whole other level.

Because your guide, Stu Lloyd, a former advertising creative director, comes at life from a psychology and neuroscience background.


He'll give you the restless dissatisfaction mindset, and 'burn it all down' punk attitude to help you become a better challenger, whether you're an intrapreneur in a Fortune 500 or a one-person solopreneur.

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