2 Leadership Lessons from the CEO of Disney

This cover caught my eye in the airport bookshop recently as I raced for my next flight ...

(Being late for a flight doesn't mean there's not time to stop at a bookshop, of course.)

So I flicked through it to see if it was worth buying.

Short answer: yes.

I haven't read it fully yet but what I thought was interesting was a list called Top Lessons to Lead By ...

The top one is:

“To tell great stories, you need great talent.”

And the next one is:

“Now more than ever, innovate or die. There can be no innovation if you operate out of fear of the new."

In a way, if that's ALL you learned from the fabulous Disney Company, that would be enough.

Those two Future Skills should be front and centre of what you do as a company and as an individual in 2020.

So, work out how you're going to tell better stories, and how're you're going to embrace your fear of the new.

I can help you with both. But you've got to make the first move.

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