20 Powerful Ways of Pivoting a Business.

As an innovation consultant and business creativity expert, people often often ask for help in innovating their companies -- but they don't know where to begin because it seems overwhelming, especially innovating in a crisis where there's additional time and money pressure.

ie, there's a gun at your head.

Does this sound like a familiar situation to you?

Fortunately there are some go-to tools and tactics to kick-start the process of a strategic pivot or a business transformation.

In my new book Pivot Power, I outline 20 ways to pivot a business (by the time I completed my research it actually surprised me there were that many possibilities, so that's good news):

Product Pivot

Process Pivot

Premises Pivot

People Pivot

Purpose Pivot

Zoom in Pivot

Zoom out Pivot

Customer Segment Pivot

Customer Need Pivot

Competitor Pivot

Coopetition Pivot

Business Architecture Pivot

Value Capture Pivot

Platform Pivot

Growth Engine Pivot

Channel Pivot

Technology Pivot

Retro Pivot

Dumb Luck Pivot

Random Crazy Shit (RCS) Pivot or Divot

Some of these are partial pivots, some are complete transformations.

But the point is -- like a sailing race -- to find stronger, more favourable winds for your business, products, and solutions. To hack the growth and profitability of your venture (whether it's a start-up or established organization).

As business pivot advisors, we can offer you pivot consultancy, workshops and courses.

But let's start by jumping on a free discovery call to work out where you and where you'd prefer to be. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks in advance.

(Oh, you're probably wondering why the title of this blog says 20, but the book title says 25? Because in the book there's a Toolbox with an additional 5 ways to knuckle down and do something with the new knowledge.)

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