Books by our clever creative community.

Updated: May 28, 2020

I'm buzzed to have so many smart, talented and creative people in my network.

Here's a few new releases on various angles of productivity and transformation that you might find interesting ...

4 Day Week by Andrew Barnes. Sounds desirable! A rather radical idea when he floated it, it has a new resonance in the Covid/post-Covid workplace. The idea seems to be gaining traction in the news in Australia and New Zealand. A convincing case for a sustainable, profitable future in which we work less, but are more productive, engaged and satisfied.

Fearless innovation by Alex Goryachev. Alex wants to take us beyond the buzzword and explores the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is driving change at an unprecedented pace, and intensity. He should know, he drives innovation on the frontline for the $50 billion Cisco organisation.

Future Proof by Diana Wu David. Coming from a very personal standpoint, and based on the painful suicide of a friend, this book paints the possibility of how we reinvent this thing we call work in this age of the ever-accelerating treadmill so we can be economically sustainable yet emotionally fulfilled.

Pivot Power by Stu Lloyd. My latest book tackles the strategic and tactical zig zags required to transform businesses, products, services and solutions through pivoting. Especially relevant at the time of crisis, where 'now or never, do or die' transformations need to be made quickly.

I hope some or all of these spark exciting insights in you and help your transformative thinking and creative leadership.