Classic philosophy from, um, Mike Tyson.

Clarity and wisdom can come from all corners, including former World Champion heavyweight boxer, Mike Tyson.

"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth," he famously said.

The current global situation is exactly that punch in the mouth. We've all lost teeth, some are spitting blood (others haemorrhaging badly), some are dizzy on the ropes, and others have at least one knee on the canvas, with the referee hovering over them ready to declare a TKO.

So it's time to tear up your Plan A and pull out your Plan B. (You already wrote it a long time ago right?)

Plan B (or C, D, E, etc) is your agile response to this black swan world-gone-mad scenario.

In our case, in the interim slowdown of face-to-face workshops in some countries, we ramped up marketing in new territories outside of our core footprint. So India, Middle East, and Australia are keeping us busy now.

And in our core markets, we dusted off our original shingle which says 'Innovation Training and Consultancy'. The focus in core markets is now helping clients with the 'consultancy' part -- which is advising on their own agile zig-zagging -- and also remote outsourced ideation services, which involves us generating big, bold, breakthrough ideas (on products, process, people, marketing, etc) for clients rather than simply teaching them how to have those ideas.

On the Strategic Storytelling side, we've done exactly the same: rather than training people in how to create content, we've added Corporate Content Creation Services in which we create killer content -- including crisis communications -- for you.

So if you need help to see how to zig and zag and stay in the fight, drop me a line. Otherwise, in the words of Mike, this situation is "going to gut you like a fish."

Take care and good luck.

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