Creative Leadership and Creativity Mindset video playlists

As part of my ongoing research into transformative creative leadership, I need to view and review hundreds of hours of videos and material. In the process of doing that, I thought, hey, what if I just share a lot of this raw material with you?

So I've curated some playlists (see bottom of page for youtube link) of what I consider to be the most on-point and inspiring videos and talks on these topics for you to absorb and enjoy ...

Creative Leadership:

Sir Ken Robinson – Creative Leadership

Eddie Obeng - Smart Failure

Simon Sinek - Leaders Make You Feel Safe

Rosalind Torres - Leadership in the 21st Century

John Maeda - Creative Leadership

Hal Gregersen – Innovative Leaders Make Innovative Companies

How to Innovate Like Bezos and Jobs

Hal Gregersen – The Four Behaviours of Innovation Leaders

Elon Musk - The Future We’re Building, and Boring

Terese Amabile – Creativity and Motivation

Joi Ito - Want to Innovate? Become a now-ist

Igniting creativity to transform corporate culture: Catherine Courage

Creative Mindset:

David Kelley - How to Build Creative Confidence

Dan Pink - the Puzzle of Motivation

Neil Pasricha - 3 A's of Awesome (attitude, awareness, authenticity)

Tim Urban - Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator

Susan Cain - Introverts and Creative Personality

Taika Watiti – the Art of Creativity

Elizabeth Gilbert – our Elusive Creative Genius

Graham Shaw - Why people believe they can’t draw - and how to prove they can.

Isaac Misrahi - Fashion, Passion, and about a million other things

Joshua Walters - On Being Just Crazy Enough

Jump in and view the ones that grab your interest ... better still, why not binge watch these (and expose yourself to some unexpected viewpoints and perspectives on the Hotheads Innovation Youtube page:

Creative Leadership Playlist (10 videos)

Creative Mindset Playlist: (10 videos):