Cutting-edge Creativity Lessons from a Master Madman.

Last week, my daughter Jasmine and I attended the Van Gogh Alive multi-media multi-sensory experience/exhibition in Sydney.

Wow, Wow, and again, Wow!

I've always been a fan of this tortured soul, making it his life's work to capture and express images as he saw them, not as the rest of the world saw them.

He sold no paintings in his lifetime, yet he knew that one day his talent would be recognized.

Not only was it recognized but he fetched the highest price ever paid at auction for one of his paintings: $82 million (for a painting he once hoped to sell for $125 but was unsuccessful even in that). Mostly he just wished the world would see more value in his pieces than the value of the paints and canvas that went into making them.

While a huge cross-section of his works were dramatically brought to life on many large screens, it was his creative philosophies which really resonated with me.

I share a few of these key screen grabs for you to reflect on here, to see what you can extract from him in terms of pushing yourself, stretching, enduring, bouncing back and making the world feel -- really feel -- the creative fire and passion that burns within you.

Which one resonates most with you? Why? What are you going to do with that thought today?