Has your brand been social distancing in a bad way?

Social distancing has become the right thing to do in these crazy Covid-19 times.

But many brands -- possibly including yours -- have been unwittingly practicing this for a long time already. In a bad way.

Let me explain: Each and every interaction either embraces prospects and customers or pushes them away.

Your posturing, your communications, your accessibility -- everything that touches your customer, or that your customers touch.

This name badge of a waitress caught my eye in a Shanghai hotel a while ago.

The fact is her name is Alice.

The feeling is warmer and more inclusive with the simple addition of two words: "Hi, I'm ..." (with a bonus point for the use of Comic Sans which is very down-to-earth and friendly).

More human. Brings you closer.

Or this sign I saw in a client's meeting room recently:

The fact is they're asking you to tidy things up when you're done.

The feeling, through empathy, is that the inanimate objects in their room need some Tender Loving Care and you can play your part.

More human. Brings you closer.

And, finally, this confirmation message from AirBnB.

The fact is my booking is confirmed.

The feeling, with the simple addition of "a place to call home" gives me a warmer sense of belonging, and anticipation.

More human. Brings you closer.

So what can you do today to humanize every contact and communication surface of your brand, and embrace your audience better?

To help you out, I've created a new blog dedicated to what I call 'Radically Human' business storytelling. It's chock-full of tips on persuasion skills, presentation skills, and content creation.

You can go here to subscribe.

I hope this brings us closer in these isolated times.

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