Is it time to 'rethink'?

Often the success or failure of an idea has not much to do with with the idea itself, but the timing of ideas.

The electric car was invented in 1837 (that's the same year the first Singapore Chamber of Commerce was established, coincidentally) but was not a success because the problem of battery power was not yet solved, and the lobbies for horse-and-cart owners and operators very politically powerful.

Now it's seen as the great new shiny thing.

So rather than keep squeezing your brain for 'new' ideas,

why not take the time to revisit some old ones.

It's interesting to see this in action with Covid-19. Pharma companies are dusting off old ideas for similar viruses (such as SAS and MERS) and even radically different diseases (such as HIV).

There might be something on the slush pile that does the job. Or at least gives us a great head-start on getting there faster.

What has your company or business unit conceived before in a beautiful brainstorm, but didn't proceed with because the technology wasn't there yet, or the market was down, or your boss had no guts?

It's an idea whose time might have come.

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