Managing Fear of Failure in Your Workplace.

You know the feeling ... a dry mouth, hands sweaty, heart beating right out of your chest. So many of us fear making even a small presentation in front of our team or especially our boss.

Our you might be leading an innovation business unit and need to ship a new product or solution out the door.

Or, perhaps you've decided to strike out on your own, become an entrepreneur and take your idea ot the world.

Fear can hold us back from peak performance. Physically and mentally.

So Hotheads rounded up 4 experts who face extreme fear in their everyday work life to give it to you straight in this fireside chat titled, appropriately, SCARED SHITLESS.

There's also a free downloadable fear of failure PDF learnings summary, key takeouts from this event to help you reframe your experience.

Watch the video event and get the expert learnings summary document free here.

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