Mythical mental barriers

You probably read the news this week where the 8-time Kenyan marathon champion and 3-time Olympic medallist, Eliud Kipchoge, has smashed through the mythical 2-hour mark for running a marathon. (Albeit under controlled track conditions.)

This is a big deal in the world of running. Considered an "impossible" and "unbreakable" time for decades, even though Kipchoge has flirted with this time in recent events.

"It's humanly possible!" trumpetted US Olympian, Deena Kastor.

"No human is limited, you can do it," declared the triumphant Kenyan himself.


And my question is: how soon until someone (possibly Kipchoge himself) breaks this time again?

The answer I suspect is: Not Long.

Because once something's deemed doable, it seems the mental barriers fall away and suddenly -- as if by magic -- we're able to do it.

For example, back in the 50s, the 4-Minute Mile was the Mythological Mental hurdle. Couldn't be done, they said. Until Roger Bannister hurtled around the Iffley Road track at Oxford University in 3:59.4 minutes.

What happened next? Just two months later, Bannister and John Landy both ran sub-4-Minute Miles in the Commonwealth Games. And since then, 1400 male athletes have achieved the "impossible". That record now stands at 3:43.13 minutes.

So I believe it's a mental barrier, not a physical barrier that's in place.

Now let's relate that to your business and to your work.

What do you currently consider "impossible": A 65% sales jump this year? A 50% revenue over-achievement? Making SVP by the age of 35?

And what's holding you back? Probably a mental barrier, the limiting factor of "it can't be done". Set by who? Only yourself and the collective crowd of cows.

“The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win.” - Roger Bannister

So let's warm up those hamstrings (the physical and mental ones) and start off by thinking: What can I really smash in the next couple of hours? Not just a casual jog through your 'To Do' list, but a galloping charge at the really important game-changing stuff that makes a seismic difference to you and your business.

Because in business, 2-hours is a quick sprint, not a marathon.

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