Networking for Ideas in times of isolation.

Networking for Ideas is one of the 5 key behaviours exhibited by great innovators.

It means you get out there to try discover cool people doing cool stuff (often not in your field), you get out there and sound out your ideas on others (to see if it's as crazy in a good way as you think it is), and you get out there to see what random happy accidents might happen (because serendipity has led to some of the world's great creative ideas and insights).

But ...

It's difficult to do when you've been barred into your home.

So ...

I suggest a simple exercise at this time to do a great thing help your colleagues or contacts to network virtually.

Think of 3 people you want to help today by introducing people you think they should get to know who MIGHT be interesting or useful to them. (Remember they don't have to be in the same field -- in fact this works really well if they're unrelated fields, sectors and disciplines because it then forces a creative mash-up which might join the dots in a new, fresh, breakthrough way.)

Introduce each of these 3 people to 1-3 other people from your Linkedin contacts simply by tagging them.

Go to LinkedIn and make a post something like this:

"Hi [insert @name 1]. I think you might enjoy exploring common ground with [tag contact @1, contact @2, contact @3.] Over to you guys. Good luck! #networkingforideas."

Imagine how good you'll feel if just one of these introductions bears really productive fruit, personally or professionally. The people you linked up will be eternally grateful to you.

And we all need a little feel-good boost at this time.

So, get networking for ideas now ...

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