Rinse-and-Repeat: Exploring the Paradox of Experience.

How experienced are you really?

No, don't tell me how many years you've been working for.

You see, I've met a ton of people who've said "I've had 8 years in consumer goods," or "15 years in banking."

But on closer examination, it turns out Person A looks increasingly like they've had 1 year repeated 8 times, and Person B just 1 year repeated 15 times.

‘Hiring for the most experience is the lowest common denominator,’ says Kath Blackham, founder of cutting-edge digital agency, Versa.

Because unless you are challenging, pushing the envelope, changing things up, you are pretty much going through the Rinse-and-Repeat motions.

(But at least if your one year is 2020 repeated over and over, you'll have a ton of learning and growth moments, right?)

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