Should a chatbot be your next hire?

Tomas Haffenden: conversational technologist and chatbot master

Hiring for innovation is difficult at best.

A leap of faith (with a parachute possibly packed and in working order) at worst.

Some companies get it right.

Like Netflix, who say "You've got to hire now the team you wish to have in the future," according to former Chief Talent Officer, Patty McCord.

Hire for the skills your company will be needing in two to three years' time.

In other words: Hire for the company you want to become.

So you can become that type of company. Because the future is now.

That might mean you need a very different team, with very different skillsets, from the team you have sitting (or sometimes standing) in your office today.

But most companies muddle through, with the CEO waving his "Innovation" banner into the gusty headwinds.

Carrying the same team, skillsets and mindsets, on a well-intentioned charge up the hill.

Only to find by the time they arrive, it was a false crest, or that from that hill they only got a clearer idea of the playing field and the other hills they should have climbed instead.

Netflix make it very clear. If you don't fit their future they, well, give you the flick.

That's how they remain limber, relevant, and simply one of the best performing companies around no measure how you measure them.

As part of my research for another book I'm currently working on, about the creative challenges and opportunities of hiring for innovation, I had a chat with Tomas-William Haffenden. We had a stimulating conversation about all sorts of things related to chatbots, digital conversations, and creativity.

What I've done is hived off an 8-minute section of our chat and turned it into a standalone podcast, called 'Hiring for Innovation: Should a Chatbot Be Your Next Hire?'

I hope you enjoy this snippet (there'll be more to share in a later edition).

But more importantly I hope it gets you thinking:

"What skills do we really need around here, and how do we find people with those skills?"

PS: I highly recommend Patty's book POWERFUL: Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility.

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