There's never a better time than a crisis to solve problems.

Have a look down this list ...








Some juicy names there, right?

But did you know that all of these companies were started during the last Global Financial Crisis (2008-2009)?

It turns out that crises are a great creative catalyst because we are forced to be desperate and do something. Less time to umm and ahh. More time to get shit done.

Customers and consumers have different problems to solve in these times. So some of the problems you were solving may not be as important anymore, ie a better luggage for travel, but so many new problems have arisen, ie, How can I still run a training business when I can't be face-to-face in front of a room full of students?

We need to get closer than ever to our end-users to understand their new requirements intimately, and then see how we can match that with an existing or a tweaked solution.

In the Brainstorm Bowtie above, I show the example of how a brewery might relook the needs of customers and prospects.

Starting at the outside text in black of current Consumer Needs (emotional and physical) and What We Have to offer from the Brewery. Then shifting to the higher order abstract of what that thing really is or means for both sides (in red). Then finding broad near-matches on each side with the drawn lines. To finally arrive at what possible short-listed solutions could be readily developed in the centre of the bowtie.

Oh, I forgot. There's another kick-ass start-up from 2009 called Kickstarter. Have a browse through that to see what sort of problems people are trying to solve, and maybe get some inspiration there.

Question for you:

When we look back 10 years from now at this period, what super-juicy products and brand names and enterprises will we look back at and think, "Wow, they all started during Covid."

And will YOU be on that list?

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