• Stu Lloyd

Timing the Next Curve.

We know What's Now. We're surrounded by it.

The hard part is knowing: What's Next?

Then knowing when to jump to the next curve is arguably the most challenging part. Jump too soon and you fall in the Valley of Death. Jump too late and you land in a boiling Acid Vat of Sharks.

Ideally you want to arrive at the future with that product, service or experience just moments before your customers do.

Marc Andreessen, Silicon Valley VC guru, recently said:

‘Every failed idea from the dotcom bubble would work now.’

So, dust off your old ideas file, comb through the carnage of 2000, and see what you can salvage from those who jumped too early. The answer/s might already be there.

Fashion works in 20 year cycles - maybe tech does, too.

Sometimes, a great idea doesn't work simply because it was ahead of its time and the market thought it (and you) were crazy.

But maybe they'll see it differently now because the world is ready for The Next Big Thing.

Ready to jump?

(If you've got time, I recommend you sift through this whole Tech in 2020 presentation deck from Ben Evans.)

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