Video playlists for creativity & innovation skills ...

We've done all the hard work and created these playlists for you, so you can binge watch and power-up your innovation and creativity skills for more firepower ... enjoy! (You can scroll to the bottom and hit the links to the Youtube Playlists if you prefer).

Challenging/ questioning Skills

Biff’s question song (stand up comedy)

Hal Gregersen – How to ask the right question

Hal Gregersen – asking the right questions

Alistair Parvin - architecture for the people

Randall Monroe - what if? comedian questions

Nikolai Begg – most dangerous moment of surgery

Andrew Bastawrous -- Get your next eye exam on a smartphone

Surrounding Skills:

Russell Foster - Why do we sleep?

Amanda Burton - how public spaces make cities work

Jason Fried - why work doesn't happen at work

Stefan Sagmeister – the power of time off

Matt Walker - Sleep is your superpower

Observation skills:

Apollo Robbins – The art of misdirection

Sting - How I started writing songs again

Benjamin Zander - Transformative Power of classical music

Evelyn Glennie – How to truly listen

David Rees – Make [Eye] Contact

George Carlin – Vu ja de

Alexa Meade – More than meets the eye

Experimenting skills:

Alexa Meade your body is my canvas

Tim Hartford - trial and error and the God complex

Tom Wujec – marshmallow challenge

Jay Silver - Hack a banana, make a keyboard!

Associative Thinking:

Kirby Ferguson - Creativity is a remix

Peter van Manen – How can Formula 1 racing help babies?

Hal Gregersen - Where the world’s most innovative companies get their ideas

Jared Ficklen - new ways to see music (with color and fire!)

David Clifford - Forget about T-shaped people. We need X-shaped people.

Mark Ronson - How sampling transformed music

Bran Ferren – To create for the ages, let's combine art and engineering

David Kwong - Two nerdy obsessions meet — and it's magic

Neri Oxman - Design at the Intersection of Technology and Biology

Youtube playlists:

Challenging/ questioning Skills

Surrounding Skills:

Observation skills:

Experimenting skills:

Associative Thinking: