Some of the many testimonials we received.
“I was impressed with the consistent guiding of the team, and giving us a more creative process and innovation thinking systems to follow.” VP Engineering, AMD.
“Thanks for your brilliant training. We received so much positive feedback from our 60 GMs.”   Learning & Devt Head, Wanda Hotels & Resorts, China.
“Really impressive presentation style to motivate and inspire the team. Causes us to really jump out of the box. The (questioning and challenging) skills we learned here can really apply to our everyday R&D work situation.” Senior Innovation Engineer, Daimler, China. 
“We found the workshop very beneficial and the concepts/tools learned can be applied to many of our real life practices at work, thank you!” Snr Mgr, Pfizer R&D Centre, Shanghai.
“OMG, that was great! So inspirational, exactly what we needed. It resonated so strongly with the team.” Senior Manager, HR North Asia, Adidas Group.
“Best training ever!” Algorythm Architect, Intel, China.
“Really excellent design thinking/ presentation skills workshop – useful in helping me refine my ideas and presentation.” Product Development Lead, Intel.
“Thanks for delivering a wonderful forum and workshop! The team really liked it! The evaluation speaks for itself!” CXO, Ideas2Reality Platform, Intel, China.
“A really impressive training on extreme creative thinking with concrete examples. Stu is a great tutor.” Senior Manager, Innovation (PhD, holder of 14 US patents), Intel, Beijing.
“Stu, you never disappoint! Thanks for the hard work on the previous explosive programs. I admire your passion!” Regional Events Lead, Marketing MasterSeries, Singapore.
“A fun & interactive 2 days full of energy, ideas and possibilities. It gave the creative process structure and focus, something very essential in everything we do daily.” GM, Accor Hotels, Thailand.
“Thanks again for all your hard work and efforts for the conference, we genuinely appreciate it.  You had a tough gig, balancing the needs of a diverse audience and an eclectic mix of stakeholders in the pre and during of the event.”   VP, APMEA, GTA Travel, Singapore.
“Congratulations!!! We received very good feedback from the participants after the People Day event in Shanghai, and we will add you as guest speaker for Indonesia, India, Vietnam and Thailand.” Senior Manager Learning, Adidas Group, Hong Kong.
“The team have been raving about your session and we got some really good feedback … it was the highlight of the two days so thank you for all of your hard work and preparation.” Adobe ASPAC Marketing, Singapore.
“Many thanks. a great session and I loved it the most among all the sessions conducted by external party.” Zoe Chi, hotels.com, Hong Kong.
“$$$ Well spent, thanks. Our innovation morale has increased since your session!” COO, Brien Holden Vision Institute, China.
“Thank you so much for the past years’ collaborations and I am appreciative of the friendship we share. I look forward to working with you again!” Manager, Learning & Talent Development, Hongkong Shanghai Hotels Group.
“Great session, really helped what we’re trying to do with innovation and reinventing ourselves. Joining the dots really relates to our consumer business. Very impactful for us as an organization, and very impactful for the individuals. Great job!”   Lee Flower, VP Sourcing, Adidas Group, China.
“An awesome lecture. Creativity and finance is normally far away from our daily work, but this workshop was really well received – interesting and impressive. People were always fully involved, with great interaction with the tutor. Really great, thanks.”   Xiaofei Zhou, Daimler Best Finance, China.
“Thank you for the session – you kick started some innovation with the group and I know that they will begin to use some of your ideas.”  VP, People & Organizational Devt, COACH Asia Pacific.
“Great meeting you in Fuzhou. Your speech made a lasting impression in me and many of my colleagues.”   Director, Operations Management, adidas China.
“One of the best training courses I’ve done, participating, pushing boundaries, thinking differently etc … My passion is creativity, I feed off it and I love it. Thanks for making and keeping it interesting and teaching me new things. Hope to be part of another course of yours next year.” Visual Excellence, Global Brands, Adidas Group, Hong Kong.
“Thank you for the innovation ignition session – you kick started some innovation with the group and I know that they will begin to use some of your ideas.” VP, People & OD, Asia, COACH, Hong Kong.
“Really quite excellent Design Thinking workshop. I hope I can refine my idea and come back again.” Algorytmhn Architect, Intel R&D, China.
“Thanks Stu for delivering a wonderful Design Thinking workshop! The evaluation [97.8% excellent rating] speaks for itself.” CXO, Ideas to Reality Program, Intel R&D.
“Thx u. Amazing training session which guides me how to think in a different way to design camera features in the future!” Software Tech Lead, Intel Labs, China.
“Thank you for a great and inspiring training. I am looking forward to the follow up course and continue to build my creativity!” Senior Director, Adidas, Hong Kong.
“I enjoyed the Disruptive Thinking workshop very much. Thank you for coming and sharing with us. You inspire me a lot!!” Senior manager, Footwear, Adidas Group, Vietnam.
“Really enjoyed your presentation and the connection you made with our ambassadors. It made it easy to focus the topic into their day-to-day activities and have them challenge the status quo going forward.” Director, HR Global Sourcing, Footwear, Adidas, Hong Kong.
“Your most recent session scored 90% from the participants – very positive!!!” L&D, Infinitus/ LeeKumKee HPG, Hong Kong.
“A great course to make you think beyond.” Research and Insights Manager, Solvay, Shanghai. 
“The training brings a lot of interesting examples that held my interest and opened my eyes widely. For sure I will use this methodology in my work.” Research Scientist, Solvay, Shanghai.