We customise our training courses, programs and workshops in Malaysia based on your desired company outcomes, and embed your company’s values where practical too, for maximum results - we’re measuring up to 165% improvements in performance overnight!

Our training and development workshops never stand still — we update and refresh content immediately, not on an annual cycle. For example, if something is received on the research wire tonight, Stu has often built it in to the very next day’s workshop, because it’s important that your people are on the cutting-edge of the science of psychology and creativity.


Hotheads Innovation have worked with over 10,000 executives in Malaysia and throughout Asia since 1999

Please contact us to receive our latest brochure with more details of our current creativity training programs for business in Malaysia:

For Business Storytelling workshops, storytelling skills training, public speaking training for executives, and public speaking courses in Malaysia, please see how our sister company CATMATDOG can unleash your team, for more bark and even more bite.

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